The two-party system


Today in Australia, I voted in the federal election. Entering the community centre near my home, I was bombarded by liberal and conservative people handing me flyers. Then I voted the socialist party, in the hope that by luck, someone like me would also vote for them. But then later I learnt that the third parties or independents give their votes away to try to influence policy and procedure. And they live off the two-party system.

Why do voters accept as the ultimate in political freedom a binary option they would surely protest as consumers? – Lisa Jane Disch, 2002

The definition of a two-party system is where two major political parties dominate politics within a government. With one of the two holds a majority in the legislature. While third parties rarely win any seats in the legislature. These third parties can be built around a particular ideology or interest group, split off from one of the major parties or focused on a charismatic individual.  This system encourages voter apathy since there is a perception of fewer choices. Which makes the third-party ideas and values scary compared to what they have seen in politics on tv.

The Australian government and most other authority in the world run in a two-party system. These two major political parties control many governments and only contribute to maintaining the status quo. We could be achieving so much more than are doing. But privatized companies and lobbyists highly influence government and policies. With a mandatory system, money is all the power you need, epically in a two-party system. There are many examples of greed and corruption through government and monetary systems connected with it. As of how in America, it is a fact that Hillary Clinton is paid millions by fundraisers from the richest people in America. Which are mainly owners of companies.


Saying we should keep the two-party system simply because it is working is like saying the Titanic voyage was a success because a few people survived on life rafts. – Eugene McCarthy

Every generation should have a different type of system in their lifetime. A government that puts the people first. While we argue about trivial things such as irrelevant ideas and values, equality, racism, and more, we could be making progress way beyond the status quo. I do not believe in a two-party system that does not make an impact on the world as much as the ideas and values of a third party would. We need a significant change soon in our governments and nations. Propaganda and distractions blind us, truth and facts will get us ever closer to the way of life that we all deserve.


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