Steven Universe (Season 1), A tv show review


Set in a town called Beach city, the crystal gems Granite, Pearl and Amethyst protect the world while looking after their human/gem child called Steven. Rebbecca Sugar, the creator, has made the artwork in the show interesting and good enough to rival any of the other animated shows. It has interesting stories that are an adventure to dark themes. Much like Adventure Time of the regular show, the facial expressions of the characters make you laugh.

This female originated show surrounds itself around the gems, that are from a different planet. Each show gives you more of a back story to each crystal gems. Plus learn more about Stevens mom. Who gave her life, so Steven could be born. Greg, Stevens dad, who is human, is very funny in it. There are some flashbacks and stories with him, that show Stevens mom, but she is not shown that much. SPOILERS! you find out that they are rebels from their home planet and their new home is earth. Gems and monsters are attacked to them.

The music is impressive depending on the scene and each character has excellent voice acting. Cartoon Network is making a comeback with shows like this, adventure time and the regular show. You will be hooked once you have watched the first six-episode. The sixth ep is epically dark and interesting. It’s called ‘Cat fingers’. You will feel nostalgic when you watch this show.

Each episode is ten minutes, so once you get started, you will watch many of them at once. There is many video game references out through this show, that you could see in the background. I am currently in season two and it has gotten slightly better. I recommend this show to anyone looking for a new animated show.


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