The Revenant, A movie review by Lee Sonogan

A movie review:By Lee Sonogan

The revenant (2015) 2h36/Adventure, Drama, thriller


A movie based in the 1820s, with a frontiersman on a fur trading expedition. After being mauled by a bear he fights for survivial. From nature and from his own former hunting team. This long movie shows once again how skilled Leonardo DiCaprio is at acting. It has beatiful imagary and is a well written screenplay. From action to real gripping scenes, you will be intertained by this movie.

Alejandro G. Inarritu, the director of the movie makes to sucessful movies in a row. After gaining sucess by his movie Birdman or (The unexpected virtue of ignorance) he begain work straight away on the revenant. Gaining bigs stars as Leo, Tom Hardy and Will Pouter. Tom Hardy, unlike roles he played well such as Bane in batman and the movie Bronson, i belive he was average in this movie with his thick southern acent.

With a budget of 135 million, it made 532.9 million at the box office. This movie was so popular, that it won the academy awards in best director, actor and cinematography. Also winning many other various awards.

For seasoned and mature movie viewers, i highly recommend this movie. To see the scene with the bear is only one of the epic scenes in this movie. This R movie is brutal and thrilling. Watch this movie if you are a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio movies such as Inception, Shutter island and Django Unchained.



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