15 Great one on one Professional wrestling matchs in the WWE

15 Great one on one Professional wrestling matchs in the WWE


I know wrestling fake, but i am a fan. It is art crossed with an illusion of violence and story. Nonsense and epicness in one. To each is own. So leave me alone with your insults of professional wrestling.

1: Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals (Wrestlemania 26


The sequal of there first match at wrestlemania, taking it to the next level. Most memorable match of all time. It was a emotional match and made a huge impact for the WWE. You did not want to see the streak end or see Shawn Micheals retire. Multiple finishers to each other.


2: Bailey vs Sasha Banks (NXT, Brookliy, 2015)


One of the best diva matchs ever. Great pace out through the match. I find it better then there ironwomen match. 5/5 star match.


3: Stone cold steve austin vs Triple H (No way out 2001)


The best 3 stages of hell of all time. Both brawlers hiting each other with many different high impact strikes. Plus heaps of reversals and epic spots.


4: The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (wrestlemania 17)


A non stop match for 30 minutes. It has each other stealing finishers and had a shocking heel turn at the end when Vince mcmahon screwed The Rock from winning.


5: Eddie Guerero vs Brock Lesnar (No way out 2004


Eddie wins his first world tittle in match. Which is  a 5/5 star match.


6: Shawn Micheals vs Mankind (Mindgame 1996


Mick foley can wrestle in any match and make anyone look good.


7: Stone Cold vs Bret Hart (Wrestlemania 13 Submission match)

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold

Austin turned face by losing this match. When stone cold passed out from the sharpshooter. It was the birth of the attitude era vs’s 90’s WWF. One of the best matchs of the 90’s.


8: Ricky Steamboat vs ‘Macho man’ Randy Savage (Wrestlemania 3)


My favourite match in the 80’s. It has perfect pacing, great sequnces, no gimmicks, flawless execution and much more.


9: CM Punk vs John Cena (Summerslam 2011)

john cena vs. cm punk

A 5 star match involving John cena. The outcome could not be predicted by anyone. The ending was classic. The crowd had much love for Punk and much hatred for Cena. Not a single error, a perfect match.


10: Daniel Byran vs Antonio Cesaro (Raw July 22nd 2013)


A 5/5 star match.


11: Kevin Owens vs John Cena (Elimination chamber 2015)


Fast pace match, that goes back and forth. Owens stealing cenas moves, in he;s first match. Many big impact moves.


12: Shawn Micheals vs ‘The nature boy’ Ric flair (retirement match at a wrestlemania)


Ric Flairs last match in the WWE was one of his best ever in his career.


13: Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit (royal rumble 2003)

15733 - charlie_haas chris_benoit gold_medals kurt_angle match_card royal_rumble shelton_benjamin smiling wwe wwe_championship

A rivialy that had many 5 star matchs. One of the most underated matches ever.


14: Brock Lesnar vs the rock (summerslam 2002)


Lesnar in his prime against the peoples champ. Gaining the undisputed tittle is my favorite match of him. Paul shows hes greatness as a manager in it. Taking a rock bottom on a anncouncing table. Awsome finish.


15: Antonio Ceasaro vs sami zayn (NXT 2013)


The match that made Sami Zayn a star.


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