South Park: The Stick of Truth, A video game review


One of the few games that came from a tv show that works well in all areas. Developed by Obsidian Entertain, South Park: the stick of truth is a turn-based role-playing game, with a story much like an episode of South Park. Explore South Park The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt stone worked closely on the game to ensure it was way better than all previous games made.

In this game, you start as the new kid to town. Meeting the South park kids immediately, you join them playing a role-playing game. In middle earth problems arrises as the kids split into factions. You be a part of the kid’s story and you can do side quests in the town of South Park. Enemies around the towns depend on where you are up to in the story. It could be elf kids or even nazi zombies.

This game features an RPG system with many items and weapons. A social media page that shows the thoughts and feelings of the kids of South Park and more. As the new kid in town, you will learn and decide on a certain skill class and choose one such as Fighter, Mage, Thief and Jew.

Many South park-like scenes occur throughout the game. Each quest has its own interesting stories. Some include interactions with Al Gore, Nazi zombies, getting abducted and faking an abortion at the military station based in the game.

I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys South park. It is very entertaining and challenging throughout the whole game and you are satisfied with it when you complete it. I wish there was more to do at the end of the game though. You will laugh and have a good time with it.



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