20 People you should know about

These individual people have made a impact to our world. Some good and some bad. But these specific list is mostly good.

1. Bill Hicks


  • Comedian, stand up and more.
  • Genres: dark comedy, political satire, observational comedy
  • Subject(s) American culture, American politics, current events, pop culture, human sexuality, philosophy, religion, spiritualllity, recreation drug use, emtheogens, conspiracy theories, consumerism.
  • Voted sixth on Britain’s Channel 4 list of the 100 Greastest stand-up comic, and rose to number four on the 2010 list.
  • Tool contains some of Hicks comedy samples in there songs and some of there lyrics were from some of Bills materials and ides.
  • Inspired Joe Rogan, Dave Attell, lwis Black, Patton Oswalt, Russel Brand, Ron White and much more.

2. Micheal Moore

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

  • Director, producer, writer, author, journalist, political activist, actor.
  • Must watch doco called Where to invade next.
  • Writer of 8 books.
  • Supporter of Occupy wall street.
  • Appeared in many music videos.
  • After high school he created The Michigan Voice, a newspaper.

3. Socrates


  • Notable ideas: Socratic method, Socratic irony.
  • Was skilled in masonary and sculpting before being a philosopher.
  • Served as a citizen soilder.
  • Main interests were ethics and epistemology.

4. George Orwell


  • Novelist, political writter and journalist.
  • Creator of the books Animal farm, 1984 and much more.

5. Joe Rogan


  • Podcast host, television host, stand up comedian and actor.
  • Also a UFC commentator.
  • Has a black belt in Brazillian jiu-jetsu.
  • Won MMA personality of the year four times.

6. George Carlin

George Carlin


  • Stand-up, television, flim, books, radio, social critic.
  • Character comedy, observational comedy, word play, satire, political satire, black comedy, surreal humor, sarcasm, blue comedy
  • Died of heart failure.
  • Subjects he spoke on include american culture, everyday life, religion, politics, sports, death, recreation drug use, pop culture, nationlism and so much more.
  • Created content since the sixtys.
  • Written over seven books.

7. Plato


  • Philosophier.
  • Main interests include rhetoric, art, literature, justice, virtue, politics, education, family, freindship, love and more.
  • Notable ideas such as Theory of forms, Platonic idealism, platonic realism, plato’s tripartile theory of the soul, hyperuranion, metaxy, theia mania, agathos kai sophos.
  • Had unwritten doctrines.

8. Charles Darwin


  • Known for survivial of the fittest,evolution by natural selection, the voyage of the beagie on the origin of species, common decent and more.
  • Notable awards FRS (1839), Royal medal (1853), Wollaston medal (1859) and the Copley medal (1864).
  • Had ten childred in his life.
  • Naturalist, biologist, geologist, author and medical student.

9. Bernie Sanders


  • United states senator and hopefully the next presdent of America.
  • He thoughts on issues are income and wealth inequality, universal education, getting money out of politics and restoring democracy, a living wage, combating climate change, affordable housing, medicare for all and so much more.

10. Jacob Rothschild


  • Known for Rothchild banking family of England.
  • Part of the wealthiest family in human history.
  • The rothschild family are behind the Suez Canal and the country of Brazil.
  • Perharps the most popular conspiracy theory regarding the missing Malaysian plane MH370 is the Jacob Rothschild is behind it, so that he could profit by being the sole owner of a patent.

11. Woody Harrison


  • Actor, activist, director, playwright.
  • Won many awards for his acting and has been in movies and tv shows since the mid eighties.
  • Appeared in many innteresting documentarys.

12. Elon Musk



  • Enginneer, inventor, and investor.
  • Companys his appart off Space x, Tesla motors, solarcity, OpenAI, co founder of paypal
  • Wants to change the world and humanity.
  • Wants to reduce global warming through sustainable energy.
  • As of June 2016, he has an estimated net worth of US$12.7 billion.
  • He has envisioned a high speed transportation known as the hyper look and a desing for a supersonic jet aircraft with electric fan propulsion, known as the musk electric jet.
  • Musk is a trustee of the X Price Foundation and a signatory of The Giving People
  • Musk was the 2012 recipent of Smithsonian magizine;s American ingenuity Award in the Technology category.

13. Karl Marx


  • Creator of Communism.
  • Main interests are Politics, economics, philosophy, sociology, labour, history, class, struggle and natural resources.
  • Known for surplus value, contributions to the labour theory of value, class struggle, aleination and exploitation of the worker, materialist conception of history.

14. Isaac Newton


  • Known for Newtonian mechanics, universal gravitation, calculus, Newton’s laws of motion, optics, binomial series, principia, Newton’s method.
  • Knowledge of physics, natural philosophy, mathmatics, astronomy, alchemy and economics.
  • Notable awards FRS (1672)
  • Learnt the thoery of gravity when a apple droped on his head, when he was under a tree.

15. Serj Tankian


  • Singer, artist, activist, poet, producer, song writer, musician.
  • Mutiple albums and contributions to music.
  • Can play vocalally, piano, keyboards, sampler theremin, guitar, bass, violin, drums, harmonica and much more.
  • Assoiated acts are the F.C.C, Serart, scars of broadway, detones, tool and much more.
  • Won at the grammy awards four times with the band system of a down.
  • Has his own record label called Serjical strike records.
  • Has created a complete Jazz and classical ablum.

16. Nikola Tesla


  • Known for Induction motor, roatating field, tesla coil and radio remote control vehicle.
  • Signigicant awards he won were Elliott cresson medal (1894), Order of prince Danilo (1895), Edison medal (1916) and many more.
  • Tesla claimed to never sleep more then two hours. But later admited to “dozing” from time to time.
  • Tesla motors the car manufacturer was inspired by the man.
  • There is a life size statue of him in california that has a time capsule that is to be open on the 100th anniversay of Tesla’s death. It also creates free wifi for all.

17. Russel Brand

Russell Brand

  • Comedian, podcast host, author.
  • Genres comedy he does are observational comedy, black comedy, blue comedy and improvisational comedy.
  • He was influnced by Bill hicks, Richard pryor, Tenacious d, Eddie murphy, Monty python and many more.
  • Has a youtube series called The Trews.
  • Done voice acting in many animated movies.
  • Was married to Katy Perry.
  • Written many books about his life and on issues of political and cultural issues.

18. Edward Snowden


  • Known for revealing details of classified united states government survelliance programs.
  • Some call him a hero orthers call him a traitor.

19. Peter Joseph

peter joseph zeitgeist 7

  • Flimaker, activist, musician and author.
  • Founder of the zeitgeist movement.
  • Directed the music video “God is dead?” by Black sabbath.
  • Creator of a youtube series called Culture in decline.
  • Son of a social worker.

20.  Carl Sagan


  • Fields of knowledge include Astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, astrobiology, space science, planatary science and more.
  • Known for Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI), Cosmos: apersonal voyage, voyager golden record, pioneer plaque, the dragons of eden, contact, pale blue dot.
  • Notable awards include non-fiction (1978), Oersted medal (1990) and much more.

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