Animal agriculture is consuming the worlds resources, also affecting the environment and humanity


Meat is one of the biggest industries around the world. There is a demand for meat by millions of people. But the processes of the animal farming is doing more damage to the world then good. There are billions of people starving in the world and we are currently growing enough food to feed 10 billion people eliminating poverty while worldwide, at least 50% of grain is fed to livestock. The environment is affected from the cutting down of forests to make room for farming meat and there use of natural resources.

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. Livestock and their by-products account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (Co2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, according to WorldWatch, November/December 2009. Worldwatch institute, Washington, DC, USA. Pp. 10 – 19. According to “Improved attribution of climate forcing to emissions.” Science magazine. Methane from cows digestive systems is 25-100 times more destructive than C02 on a 20 year frame. Cows produce 150 million gallons of methane a day.

Livestock or livestock feed occupies 1/3 of the earth’s ice-free land according to FAO. “Livestock a major threat to environment. While ten thousand years ago 99% of biomass was wild animals. Today, humans and the animals that we raise as food make up 98% of the zoomass. More than 6 million animals are killed for food every hour. The room needed to maintain productivity for slaughter houses could be used for farms. Farms and there processes of creating meat are much more eco-freindly to the planet and to the animals themselfs.

As animal agriculture has contaminate the oceans by there manure. It also uses 34-76 trillion gallons of water annually to produce beef and feed the stock according to Pimentel, David, et al. “Water Resources: Agricultural And Environmental Issues.” BioScience 54, no. 10 (2004): 909-18. 2500 gallons are needed to create one pound of beef. And under 1000 gallons to create eggs and cheese.

Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of amazon destruction according to World Bank. “Causes of Deforestation of theBrazilian Amazon”. 1100 activists in that country have been killed for protesting it.

I have personally have begun lessening my consumption of meat. There are many problems in the world, where there is not one answer. But with lessening our consumption rate of meat and dairy production we can improve many problems with one action. There are many alternative foods out there with no animal protein in it, with all the same nutrients. And you can be healthy with a plant based diet. Converting to wind and solar will take a too long to be effective and cost roughly 43 trillion dollars. Please consider the ideals and values of vegans, cause we might change the whole world for the better for free. For more information please watch the documentary Earthlings and Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.


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