Age of Empires II: HD, a video game review

A video game review written by: Lee Sonogan

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Emps is a bird’s eye view, strategy, war game developed by Ensemble Studios. Originally released in 1999, it has been remade for Windows, released on April 9, 2013. It has updated graphics for high-resolution displays. New introductions include various new game features and five new civilisations. Which include the Mayans, Aztecs,  Spanish, Huns, and the Koreans. New expansions are called the forgotten and the Africans Kingdoms released in August 2013, and June 2015.

Ai of the computers has been improved greatly in this game. It makes it very challenging and rewarding when you get a steam achievement at the end of the game you play. Trading with carts and ships that get you gold is a new feature too. You can create maps for this game. Even download custom-made ones from the steam workshop. You can also download different kinds of mods from the steam workshop too.

At this current time, I have played 170 hours of this game, mostly with my friends. But I play by myself too and find games easy in its large community of players. So many different games you can join and create.

Overall this game is the best in the series and does not get old. Any computer can run this game well. It lags a bit if you play with someone who has a bad connection is the only thing I find bad about the game. It is has been a great game since 1999!!!



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