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If you are a Pokemon fan like me, you have wondered about how Pokemon could be so much better. Since the release of the original games (Pokemon red and blue), Pokemon has created many more games and spin offs. Graphics,mechanics, story and more improved, especially the hand-held games. With the anticipated games (Pokemon sun and moon) coming out later this year, it will set the standard for a Pokemon game. But the future has potential to make the Pokemon experience even better. With the new Nintendo system the ‘nx’ coming out, we have the chance to see a Pokemon game we could only dream of. The Pokemon brand will last forever. So we need theses games made sooner then later

1. Open world game

By far a open world game is a must for any Pokemon fan. A realistic looking world would make Pokemon game play as like Skyrim or the Witcher games in adventure and exploring. 1080P detailed Pokemon and structures that would change Pokemon games forever. Chasing down your Pokemon before the battle would be a new feature dealing with Pokemon. Or get ambushed out of no where to start a battle. New items, such as binoculars, HUD screen googles, saddles,Pokemon armour and clothes, and so much more could be introduced. HM02 would make your pokemon literally fly in the sky, while possible the HM for dive would lets to explore the oceans. In a open world game, many feature and mechanisms are possible to add to game. A virtual world where you will play after you have beatin the game. Chilling and adventuring with you Pokemon, The type of stories ideas, and game play in future Pokemon games could be endless.

2. Being part of Team Rocket and being a villain for once

To change up the whole, get all the badges and beat the elite four routine, wouldn’t a spin off game where you play as a member of team rocket. Where the game is too steal as much Pokemon as possible. Plus the story could be interesting if you put Giovanni as a main character, that you would work for. Many hero’s in the game could be in the story of the game. Features in the game could include driving around in a team rocket machine catching and stealing Pokemon with it. Use money on all sorts of devices that help in stealing and helping Pokemon. Make Jesse, James and Meowth in the story and make them serious like that one season of the anime series. Follow the Team Rocket oath that is written in there bases “Steal Pokemon for profit. Exploit Pokemon for profit. All Pokemon exist for the glory of team rocket”.

3. A Pokemon MMO game

A open world Pokemon game that is a MMO. MMO stands for Massively multiplayer online. . Having people in a Pokemon game is awesome. There is a program you can download called Pokemon revolution. It is a Pokemon MMO of the Pokemon region, Kanto in 2D. It has great features, that would be better in a open world game. Battling and trading with real life people makes the Pokemon experience even better. New MMO features could include in game chat, various money and trade systems, Role-playing features, Living economies, Farming and crafting mechanics, and more. A realistic Pokemon MMO would rival any other games such as Star wars: The Old Republic, Lineage 2, Runescape and World of warcraft. WOW have 10 million subscribers, Pokemon fans could beat that number. The original creator, Tajiri, still enforces a rule on the franchise that priorities local multilayer because he wants players to go outside and meet face to face.

4. A open world game based on competing in a bunch of events and mini-games

A spin off game in a open world that is solely events and mini-games. You as a trainer walk around interacting with the world, competing in competitions with your Pokemon. Mini-games the are you the trainer, or as the view from a Pokemon. Make your Pokemon gain experience thought theses mini-games, making them better in certain games. Your goal as a trainer is to win ribbons, and awards in the worlds Pokemon type of Olympics. Adding multilayer to this game, will create a classic pokemon game with a a lot of variety of options to choose. The mini-games could be Pokemon versions of Basketball, Football, battle racing, challenges, remembering games, chance games, Skittles, four square, and so much more modes could be thought off. Items need to be added to help Pokemon in certain games, gain moves for certain games, customise look of Pokemon and so much more family friendly modes.

5. A adult version with blood, gore and you can kill Pokemon

I was thinking of a story, where its cavemen times. Where tribes breed and battle Pokemon to gain power in the world. Where three of your Pokemon can follow you at all times. Fights would include humans as well. Imagine a FPS in cavemen times, where you can also commend your Pokemon too. For this game to work. Death of Pokemon and people need to be acknowledged. Such as if you kill a lot of Pokemon, in the story everyone hates you, and you are labelled as a Pokemon killer. Catching Pokemon would change to taming Pokemon. Each Pokemon would have a Loyal/betrayal metre adding to the regular care of your Pokemon. Maybe a base system where you store tamed Pokemon as well. Many more features would be possible in that game. Overall a Pokemon game with a more dark theme, needs blood and gore such as the game I described.

6. The sequel: Pokemon snap 2

The original game Pokemon snap was a Nintendo 64 classic. It was rated on ign 7.5 /10. The photographed adventure is short, but satisfying. Throwing apples at most of the first generation Pokemon to get a good shoot is fun and all, but it could be longer and better. Keep the set path, but have options to change where you are going. Make maps longer, with more stuff to do in it other then take pictures. Add the extra 500 and over Pokemon to game and try to take all there pictures of all of them. Add way more items to do things on the maps and Pokemon. So I can throw a thunderstone at a Pickchu and force evolve it. Also the new feature, with the remade Pokemon snap for the Wii u, keep pictures of what you have took in the game, should be added to Pokemon snap 2.

7. A Pokemon trading card game to remember

Pokemon has a real good trading card game. There only game they made of it in English was the Pokemon trading card game on game-boy colour. Which was a good strategy game. The only thing it lack was it only had the first series of cards in it. Also there a game online by Pokemon. But to get any decent card in it, you have to buy the cards in real life. So I say combine the trading card game with the open world. On screen when playing with cards, have 3D images of the Pokemon with there stats. Make the strategy card game into a visually appealing game. Too make the game more off a challenge, when you use energy cards in the card game, you loss them. Make getting/finding extra energy cards, part of the story, where some places you can get whole lot of them or a rare one. campaign and multilayer mode could also be added. Any type of Pokemon story could be adapted into this trading card game.

8. Fight as Pokemon, in a wrestling themed story

With the new game out on the Wii u ‘Poketekken’ it have finally given us the chance to fight as the Pokemon. Its a well made and fun game, but I can make it better. Make the battles a tv show like wrestling. How theirs a campaign, and you make choices as a trainer, through sorts of promos, and story. Kinda like a soap opera, wrestling show like Lucha Underground. Or the choices like the walking dead games, with Pokemon tekken. More Pokemon you put in it, the better. Choice to advertise your fights and get paid for it. Add backstage areas, for a back-room brawl modes. And like all Pokemon games, a system to increase stats and learn new moves. Have replays during the match and commentator, narrating each Pokemon battle. Maybe even customisable entrances, before your Pokemon enters the battle arena.

9. Hologram Pokemon in the future

In the future, when we can create holograms with our phones, people will have Pokemon following them in real life. If its part of a app game or just interactions with your Pokemon, it is a must for Pokemon fans in the future. Features to your hologram Pokemon could be, protects you while you sleep and wakes you up and alerts the police, goes up levels and is able to battle other peoples Pokemon, obeys your commends, customisable clothes, find virtual items for you, each Pokemon have over a hundred different sounds and animations plus so much more. Battles would be interesting to any bystander. People would get into the battles and eventually televise them. It will make Pokemon more popular in mainstream culture. People and there Pokemon would turn into internet celebrities. I would definitely have a Lucario following me around all day, to growl at my enemies.

10. I desire a new stadium called Pokemon stadium 3 or something similiar

Its been over ten years since we has a Pokemon stadium. Pokemon battle revolution on the wii was alight, but you needed a Nintendo DS and the game with it, to choose your Pokemon. Otherwise you had to choose the template team. Pokemon stadium brought as the first 3d images of Pokemon In the game. And you got to choose what Pokemon you wanted. But now, since there are over 500 new Pokemon, there should be a sequel with all of them. The new Nintendo consoles graphics and ability, could handle such a game. Also make the game more customisable Pokemon in the game. Choose Pokemons moves and maybe unlock there extra abilities and choice of natures. The classic stadium mini-games could be remade and new ones. To make it perfect, a online multilayer system. The campaign could be full of the biggest characters from all the games in some tournament of sorts.


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