Call Of Duty – Black Ops III: A video game review

(2015) Action,Drama, Sci-Fi

A video game review: by Lee Sonogan


I do not care what anyone says, this is the best call of duty so far. Even better than the originals. These game’s modes are all evenly amazing. The whole game is based in 2055 in all game modes. Campaign, zombies multilayer are all impressive, new and better than the last games.

New level system in zombies. Level up the weapons to unlock stuff for it such as attachments and camo. Gumble balls and pack punch powers were also added. Giving you extra powers for certain things. The giant is a great map for beginners, but Der Eisendrache is the best where you can craft these four different staff weapons that will get you past round 30 with ease. New songs, Easter eggs and features in maps that you have not seen in a zombies game yet.

The campaign embraces sci-fi components more than ever before. I will not reveal the story but it has robots, supernatural elements, taboo topics, gameplay features and much more. I was not interested in the characters but the gameplay was very good and challenging.

Multiplayer was impressive this time. Gamilaraay is at a fast pace, but not as fast as Call of duty advanced warfare. Use 10 attachments on various amounts of new weapons. You can customise your character in animations, player tags, characters clothes and much more that are unlockable in the new black market option. Plus you need to choose a character, depending on what special weapon you want. For a time limit, you get a limited shot with a flamethrower, minigun hand, trap gun, explosive bow and much more. Uplink and Safeguard were also added as modes in multiplayer.


More modes such as the zombie’s campaign and zombies arcade were added in the updates. Even if you just get this game for one mode in the game, you will end up checking out most of it at least once. Being developed in a three-year development cycle, the game really shows the effort of that time.


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