25 TV shows to watch

The best shows going around.



Billy bob Thornton at he’s finest. A huge improvement compared to the movie.

2: Vikings


Based on true events. Clever stories of paganism. Brutal fighting and violence scenes.

3: House of cards


Brutal portrayal of the American government. Kevin Spacey is a evil basted in it, manipulating people to get to the top.

4: Game of thrones

game of thrones fan art ertacaltinoz deviantart

Brutality, dragons, monsters, developed characters. Crazy action scenes. Based of the books by Geogre r. r.  Martin.

5: Rick and morty


Funniest animated show ever. Better then simpsons, adventure time and family guy. I can not wait untill season 3 comes out this year.

6: Constantine


Just like the comic books. Wished they did not cancel this show. Interesting stories with magic.

7: Black books


A alcoholic runs a book shop, very funny. How he treats his customers is going to make you laugh most certainly.

8: Louie


Story of a 40 year old man. Some of he’s stand up as well. Cringe humour that you would expect from the inbetweeners or something else like that.

9: Wilfred US


Based of the australian version. Made so much better with famous American actors such as elijah woods. Wilfred, a man in a suit is manipulative and funny in it.

10: Silicon Valley


A bunch of programmers develop a app. Very funny with computer references and jokes. TJ Miller is very funny in it with the cast. With his character letting the other programmers stay at his house.

11: Breaking bad


Walter white was a school teacher. But he got cancer, so he begain cooking meth. His character changes so much where he becomes the most badass character on the show. He even says “I am not in the meth business, i am in the empire business”.

12: Better call saul


Prequal of breaking bad, with the same epicness. But follows Saul the lawyer around and the stuff he gets into working as a lawyler for diiferent firms.

13: Dexter


A psycopath works as a blood anaylist and kills other killers as the dark crusader. Its funny and intense. Dexter when he narrates in a scene is deep and brutal, as he trys to justify his actions.

14: Six feet under


Every episode starts with a death and then the story at a funeral home. Michael c hall’s first great role. I do not want to work in a funeral home, because of this show.

15: Black mirror


Insane stories made in England. Has a lot of future technology within there stories. Every ep is different with a random story.

16: Marvel: Jessica Jones


Best character ever for a guy who have the ability to control minds. This show seems darker then most of the Marvel moviez that are out.

17: Marvel: Daredevil


Makes lawyers look bad ass. Much more entertaining then the Ben Afflect daredevil movie. Much like Jessica Jones, this show is darker then most of the Marvel movies.

18: Hannible


So much better then the movies and stays true to the books. He’s story with Will the other main character is amazing.

19: Banshee


A bad ass thief, leaves jail to find he’s girlfriend. But she has a new life in Banshee. The thief becomes the sheriff.

20: Mr robot


A show of a young programmer that is a loner. He joins a group to try to take out the biggest fincial organization in the world.

21: Metalocalyspe


The greatest band in the world that is responsible for 2 thirds of the worlds ecominy. Super funny. Serious metal music.

22: Cosmos


So educational and interesting, that it makes you appreciated education of it. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is very intelligent in it, describing all matter of space and life.

23: Attack on titan


Humanity trapped behind walls from the humanoid looking Titans. Brutal story and violence.

24: Darkplace


80’s sitcom that is so random. The editing, sound and so much more make this show a classic.

25: Skins


Funny and a serious drama based in England. Deep character development where each story is based on a character.

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