10 Best Normal Type Pokemon

Has no types that it is super effective against, but decent against most Pokemon.



  • Immunity, thick fat, gluttony ability.
  • Weighs 460kg and 2.1 metres tall.
  • Not satisfied unless it consumes 900 pounds of food.
  • Normal type Pokemon.
  • Ash from the Pokemon series had one.
  • Snorlax’s day consists of eating and sleeping. While some times battling.
  • Biggest stat is its HP then its physical attack and special defense are even.
  • Can use tackle, lick, chip away, amnesia, yawn, body slam, rest, snore, sleep talk, rollout, block, belly drum, crunch, heavy slam, giga impact, toxic, protect, ice beam, sunny day and more.



  • Nature cure, serene grace, healer ability.
  • Normal type Pokemon.
  • 46.8kg and 1.5 metres tall.
  • Only known Pokemon that can learn sof-boiled.
  • A female only species.
  • In the Pokemon series they are mostly found in Pokemon centres with a nurse joy.
  • Very compassionate nature.
  • The egg on it is filled with happiness.
  • 255 HP in the stats.
  • Can use double-edge, defense curl, pound, growl, tail whip, refresh, double slap, sof-boiled, bestow, minimize, take down, sing, fling, heal pulse, egg bomb, light screen, healing wish and more.

Porygon z


  • Normal type Pokemon.
  • Adaptability, download, analytic ability.
  • Weighs 34kg and 0.9 metres tall.
  • Only known Pokemon that can learn conversion and conversion 2.
  • Special attacking Pokemon.
  • Can use hyper beam, zap cannon, magic coat, tri-attack, lock-on, discharge, embargo, signal beam, magnet rise, recover, agility, psybeam, nasty plot, conversion, conversion 2 and more.



  • Normal type Pokemon.
  • Truant ability.
  • 130.5kg and 2 metres tall.
  • Signiture move: slack off.
  • Spends most of its live sleeping.
  • Physicial attacking Pokemon.
  • Can use hammer arm, punishment, fling, flail, swagger, counter, chip away, covet, amnesia, feint attack, slack off, encore, yawn, giga impact, facade, protect, hone claws, roar and more.



  • Normal type Pokemon.
  • Technician, pickup, skill link ability.
  • 20.3 kg and 1.2 metres tall.
  • It has two powerful tails.
  • Fast type of Pokemon.
  • Can use last resort, nasty plot, fling, double hit, agility, screech, swift, fury swipes, tickle, baton pass, astonish, sand attack, hone claws, toxic, double team, brick break, giga impact and more.



  • Normal type Pokemon.
  • Own tempo, oblivious, cloud nine ability.
  • 140kg and 1.7 metres tall.
  • Has a very long tongue that can cause numbness to its its enemys.
  • Can use gyro ball, wring out, power whip, screech, refresh, me first, chip away, rollout, slam, disable, stomp, wrap, knock off, defense curl, supersonic, lick, toxic, hidden power and more.



  • Normal type Pokemon
  • Legendary Pokemon
  • Weighs 430kg and 3.7 metres tall.
  • Genderless species.
  • Slow start ability.
  • Can control the othere legendary titans.
  • Belived to shaped Regirock, Regice and Registeel.
  • Legend states this Pokemon towed continents with ropes.
  • Physicial attacking Pokemon.
  • Can use giga impact, heavy slam, crush grip, payback, zen headbutt, wide guard, revenge, foresight, confuse ray, knock off, dizzy punch, thunder punch, ice punch, fire punch and more.



  • Normal type Pokemon.
  • Rivarly, unnerve, moxie ability.
  • Weighs 81.5 kg and 1.5 metres tall.
  • Fiery breath exceeding 10,000 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Stronger flames when it gets excited.
  • Special attacking Pokemon.
  • Resistent to six different Pokemon.
  • Can use overheat, incinerate, hyper voice, crunch, flamethrower, echoed voice, endeavor, fire fang, take down, noble roar, headbutt, work up, roar, toxic, taunt, hidden power and more.



  • Normal type Pokemon.
  • Keen eye, sheer force, defiant ability.
  • Weighs 41kg and 1.5 metres tall.
  • Nickname “soldier of the sky”
  • Capable of lifting a car into the air.
  • Will risk its life for its freinds.
  • Physicial attacking Pokemon.
  • Can use thrash, brave bird, whirlwind, superpower, sky drop, crush claw, air slash, tailwind, defog, slash, aerial ace, wing attack, peck, leet, steel wing, attract, round, protect, hyper beam and more.



  • Normal type Pokemon.
  • Reckless, sap sipper, soundproof ability.
  • Weighs 94.5 kg and 1.6 metres tall.
  • Only know Pokemon that can learn head charge.
  • Its afro protects it, absorbing the attacks.
  • Physicial attacking Pokemon.
  • Can use pursuit, leer, rage, fury attack, horn attack, scary face, revenge, head charge, focus energy, megahorn, reversal, thrash, swords dance, giga impact, taunt, poison jab, confide, payback, facade and more.



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