10 Best Fighting Type Pokemon

Fighting type Pokemon are super effective to five different Pokemon types.



  • My personal favourite pokemon. Got one tattoo of it on my leg.
  • A physical or special attacker.
  • Can use extreme speed, dragon pulse, close combat, aura sphere, foresight, quick attack, detect, metal claw, counter, feint, power-up punch, swords dance, metal sound, bone rush, quick guard, me first, calm mind, heal pulse, earthquake, bulk up, hone claws, shadow ball, psychic, double team, poison jab, flash cannon, bulldoze, fling and more.
  • Can mega evolve with a item called Lucarionitie.
  • Steadfast, inner focus, justified, adaptability ability.
  • Very prideful and loyal to its trainer.
  • Appeared in a Pokemon anime movie.
  • Can read opponents thoughts and actions by reading their aura.
  • Resistent to eight different Pokemon types.
  • Fighting/steel type Pokemon.



  • Can use, stored power, close combat, protect, false swipe, feint, helping hand, psyco cut, sword dance, wide guard, heal pulse, slash, fury cutter, quick guard, teleport, double team, confusion, teleport, leaf blade, night slash and more.
  • Steadfast, justified, inner focus, ability.
  • Can mega evolve using galldenite.
  • Weighs 56.4 kg and 1.6 metres tall.
  • Has a sense of what a foe is thinking.
  • Physicial attacking Pokemon.
  • Fighting/psychic type Pokemon.



  • A physical attacker pokemon.
  • Can use, dynamic punch, scary face, cross chop, bulk up, submission, dual chop, wake-up slap, vital throw, knock off, revenge, seismic toss, low sweep, fore sight, hyper beam, toxic, protect, poison jab, fling and more.
  • Guts, no guard, steadfast, ability.
  • Weighs 130kg and 1.6 metres tall.
  • Can throw 500 punches a second.
  • Can move a mountain with one hand.
  • Fighting type Pokemon.



  • Fighting/bug type Pokemon.
  • Ash ketchem had one.
  • Can mega evolve with a item Heracrossnite.
  • Can use, reversal, close combat, megahorn, take down, pin missile, brick break, fury attack, counter, chip away, aerial ace, feint, endure, horn attack, leer, night slash, bullet seed, arm thrust, bulk up, venoshock, sunny day and more.
  • Swarm, guts, moxie, skill link, ability.
  • Weighs 62.5 and 1.7 metres tall.
  • Can easily throw around a object, 100 times its weight.
  • Physicial attacking Pokemon.



  • Fighting/water type Pokemon.
  • Can use, close combat, hysro pump, work up, quick guard, sword dance, sacred sword, aqua tail, retaliate, helping hand, take down, bubble beam, double kick, leer, aqua jet, protect, roar, toxic, rain dance and more.
  • Justified ability.
  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Weighs 48.5 kg and is 1.4 metres tall.
  • When it is resolute, its body fills with power and swiftness.
  • Special attacking Pokemon.
  • Resistent to 7 different Pokemon types.



  • Fighting/flying type Pokemon.
  • Can use, swords dance, sky drop, sky attack, high jump kick, feather dance, endeavor, bounce, glying press, fling, encore, aerial ace, roost, wing attack, hone claws, tackle, detect, facade, false swipe, rest, attract and more.
  • Limber, unburden, mole breaker ability.
  • Weighs 21.5 lg and 0.8 metres tall.
  • Only known Pokemon capable of learning flying press.



  • Fighting/fire type Pokemon.
  • Can use flare blitz, calm mind, acrobatics, fire spin, close combat, punishment, feint, flame wheel, fury swipes, mach punch, taunt,ember, leer, solarbeam, earthquake, sunny day, hone claws, fling, rest, attract and more.
  • Blaze, fire fist ability.
  • Weighs 55kg and 1.2 metres tall.
  • Uses its own unique style, fighting with its arms and legs.
  • Resistent to six different Pokemon types.



  • Fighting/dark type Pokemon.
  • Weighs 30kg and 1.1 metres tall.
  • Can kick through concrete blocks.
  • Can spit acidic liquid from its mouth.
  • Bulky defensive Pokemon.
  • Shed shin, moxie, intimidate ability.
  • Can use head smash, focus punch, rock climb, facade, crunch, scary face, hi jump kick, chip away, payback, brick break, swagger, headbutt, feint attack, sand attack, low kick, leer, dragon claw, bulk up and more.



  • Fighting/dark type Pokemon.
  • Can use low sweep, taunt, hammer arm, sky uppercut, parting shot, entrainment, crunch, body slam, vital throw, circle throw, slash, comet punch, karate chop, arm thrust, leer, tackle, dig, earthquake, protect, hone claws and more.
  • Iron fist, mold breaker, scrappy ability.
  • Weighs 136kg and 2.1 metres tall.
  • Only known Pokemon that can learn parting shot.
  • Arms powerful enough to snap a telephone pole.



  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Fighting/rock type Pokemon.
  • Can use stone edge, close combat, work up, quick guard, sword dance, sacred sword, rock slide, helping help, smack down, double kick, leer, quick attack, calm mind, hidden power, taunt, rest, facade, rock polish, sandstorm and more.
  • Justified ability.
  • Weighs 260kh and 1.9 metres tall.
  • Member of the swords of justice.
  • Can destroy a castle wall in one blow.
  • Physicial attacking Pokemon.
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