10 Best Steel Type Pokemon

Steel type Pokemon were relese in the 2nd generation of hand held Pokemon video games. They are resistent to many types and most of there Pokemon have large defensive stats.



  • Steel/rock type Pokemon.
  • Rock head, sturdy, sheer force ability.
  • Can mega evolve using a item call Steelixite.
  • Weighs 740kg and is 10.5 metres tall.
  • Its eyes are capable of seeing in the dark.
  • Lives six tenths of a mile below the earth.
  • Its body is made harder then diamonds by the amount of iron it ingests.
  • Strengthened by the pressure and heat underground.
  • Mostly a physical defensive pokemon.
  • Resistant to eight different Pokemon types.
  • Can use thunder fang, ice fang, fire fang, mud sort, curse, rock throw, rock tomb, rage, stealth rock, gyro ball, automize, dragon breath, sandstorm, double-edge, stone edge, dig, iron tail, crunch, rock slide, slam and more.



  • Steel/ bug type Pokemon.
  • Can use feint, bullet punch, quick attack, leer, focus energy, pursuit, false swipe, agility, metal claw, fury cutter, slash, razor wind, iron defence, x0scissot, night slash, double hit, iron head, sword dance, double team and more.
  • Pincers that can crush any hard object.
  • Swarm, technician, light metal ability.
  • The pattern on its pinchers makes it look like it has three heads.
  • Weighs 118kg and 1.8 metres tall.
  • Physical attacking Pokemon.
  • Resistant to eight different Pokemon types.



  • Steel/fairy type Pokemon.
  • Can use play rough, iron head, taunt, growl, fairy wind, fake tears, bite, sweet scent, vice grip, feint attack, batton pass, crunch, iron defense, sucker punch, stockpile, swallow, spit up, charge beam, sludge bomb, return, protect and more.
  • Hyper cutter, intimidate, sheer force, huge power ability.
  • Weighs 11.5kg and 0.6 metres tall.
  • Has it back turned to enemies, for better use of its jaw.
  • Its jaw can chew up a iron beam.
  • Resistant to none different type of Pokemon.
  • Uses horns to dig up iron to eat and create underground tunnels.



  • Steel/rock type Pokemon.
  • Can use iron head, iron tail, metal burst, heavy slam, automize, double-edge, iron defense, metal sound, take-down, rock slide, headbutt, hone claws, dragon claw, roar, toxic earthquake, rock tomb, protect, hyper beam and more.
  • Can mega evole and that form is a steel type only.
  • Sturdy, rock head, heavy metal, filter, ability.
  • Weighs 395kg and 2.2 metres tall.
  • Mostly a physical defensive Pokemon.
  • Resistant to eight different Pokemon types.



  • Can use hydro pump, drill peck, mist, whirlpool, aqua jet, brine, fury attack, swagger, bubblebeam, metal claw, hone claws, roar, toxic, ice beam, blizzard, fling, scald, steel wing, rain dance, earthquake, brick break, protect, rest and more.
  • Steel/water type Pokemon.
  • Torrent, defiant ability.
  • Weighs 84.5 kg and 1.7 metres tall.
  • Swims as fast as a jet boat.
  • Resistant to ten different Pokemon types.



  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Can use iron head, hyper beam, superpower, zap cannon, lock-on, hammer arm, flash cannon, ancient power, curse, bulldoze, charge beam, metal claw, explosion, thunder, earthquake, protect, facade, rest and more.
  • Clear body, light metal ability.
  • Weighs 205kg and 1.9 metres tall.
  • Appeared in a Pokemon anime movie.
  • Pressure underground for thousands of years created its body that is harder then any known material.
  • Its body can not be scratched.
  • Resistant to ten different Pokemon types.



  • Steel/dragon Pokemon.
  • Can use dragon breath, scary face, metal claw, ancientpower, slash, power gem, metal burst, dragon claw, earth power, aura sphere, iron tail, roar of time, flash cannon, hone claws, bulk up, protect, hyper beam, hidden power and more.
  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Appeared in multiple Pokemon anime movie’s.
  • Pressure, telepathy ability.
  • Weighs 683 kg and 5.4 metres tall.
  • Only known Pokemon that can learn roar of time.
  • Has the power over time. By warping time.
  • It is said that time flows when Diagla’s heart beats.
  • Has the power to travel through time into the past and future.
  • Special attacking Pokemon.
  • Resistant to nine different Pokemon.



  • Steel/bug type Pokemon.
  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Can use fell stinger, techno blast, quick attack, magnet rise, metal claw, screech, fury cutter, lock-up, flame charge, magnet bomb, slash, metal sound, signal beam, tri attack, x-scissor, bug buzz, simple beam, zap cannon, hyper beam, self-destruct and more.
  • Download ability.
  • Appeared in a Pokemon anime movie.
  • Weighs 82.5 kg and 1.5 metres tall.
  • Pokemon existed 300 million years ago.
  • A physical or special attacking Pokemon.
  • Resistant to eight different Pokemon types.



  • Steel/fairy type Pokemon.
  • Can use heal block, magic room, play rough, recycle, imprison, mirror shot, torment, foul play, crafty shield, draining kiss, spikes, metal sound, fairy wind, calm mind, psyshock, round, dazzling gleam, confide, thunder wave, double team, psychic, protect, light screen and more.
  • Prankster, magician ability.
  • Weighs 3kg and 0.2 metres tall.
  • Only known Pokemon that can learn fairy lock and crafty shield.
  • Collects keys, which add to its key ring body.
  • Resistent to nine different Pokemon.
  • Immune to poison and dragon.



  • Can use zap cannon, magnetic flux, mirror coat, barrier, electric terrain, supersonic, thunder shock, magnet bomb, spark, mirror shot, gyro ball, lock-on, discharge, electro ball, charge beam, volt switch, hidden power, psych up and more.
  • Magnet pull, sturdy, analytic ability.
  • Steel/electric Pokemon.
  • Weighs 180kg and 1.2 metres tall.
  • Genderless creature.
  • Its anti gravity can carry humans with ease.
  • Special attacking Pokemon.
  • Resistent to eleven different Pokemon



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