10 Best Dark Type Pokemon

Dark Pokemon were released in the 2nd generation of handheld games. They are all immune to psychic type of attacks.



  • Synchronize, inner focus ability.
  • Can use Guard swap, last resort, mean look, moon light, screech, assurance, confuse ray, pursuit, sand attack, hidden power, sunny day, toxic, payback, round, attract, rest, torment, shadow ball, dig, return, snarl, dark pulse and more.
  • Evolution of a Eevee by training it in the night time.
  • Capable of spraying a poisonous sweat whenever it gets agiated.
  • Rings on its body glow at night, striking fear into its enemys.
  • Mostly defense stat Pokemon.



  • Can mega evolve with a Tyranitarnite.
  • 700 total base stat when mega evoled.
  • Can use gig impact, hyper beam, stone edge, earthquake, crunch, payback, dark pulse, thrash, scary face, rock slide, chip away, screech, sand storm, thunder fang, ice fang, fire fang, hone claws, dragon claw, roar, toxic, hidden power, sunny day and more.
  • Dark/rock type Pokemon.
  • Sand stream, unnerve,ability.
  • Weighs 255 kg and is 2.5 metres tall.
  • Will not flinch to anything.
  • Has a heavily armoured body and is able to crush a mountain with one hand.
  • Maps must be redrawn after a Tyranitar goes on a rampage.
  • Physical attacker Pokemon.
  • Resistent to six different Pokemon attacks.



  • Dark/ flying type number.
  • Can use Dark pulse, quash, night slash, foul play, nasty plot, swagger, wing attack, haze, pursuit, sucker punch, roost, hidden power, aerial ace, attract, rest, round, psychic, return, protect, hyper beam and more.
  • Insomnia, super luck, moxie ability.
  • weighs 27.3 kg and 0.9 metres tall.
  • Flocks of them fly at night.
  • Called “Summoner of night”.
  • Physicial attacker Pokemon.



  • Can mega evolve.
  • Dark type Pokemon.
  • Can use perish song, future sight, razor wind, sucker punch, me first, psyco cut, detect, night slash, sword dance, slash, double team, bite, taunt, pursuit, x-scissor, thunder wave, dark pulse, snarl, stone edge, theif, rest, attract and more.
  • Pressure, super luck, magic bounce, justified ability.
  • It is said if seen, a catastrophe and soon to follow.
  • Can sense danger with its horns.
  • Physical attacker Pokemon.



  • Dark/ground type Pokemon.
  • Intimidate, moxie, anger point ability.
  • Weighs 96.3 kg and 1.5 metres tall.
  • Can crash a automobile in its jaw.
  • Very violent Pokemon, that will clamp onto anything.
  • A physicila attacking Pokemon.
  • Can use outrage, earthquake, sandstorm, foul play, scary face. Dig, crunch, swagger, embargo, mud-slap, asurance, sand tomb, bite, sand attack, sludge bomb, fling, focus blast, shadow claw, facade, rest, brick break and more.
  • Powerful enough to destroy a car.



  • Dark/poison type Pokemon.
  • Knows toxic spikes.
  • Battle armour, sniper, keen eye ability.
  • Weighs 61.5 kg and 1.3 metres tall.
  • Its head can turn 360 degrees, eliminating all blind spots.
  • Can use cross poison, fell stinger, crunch, scary face, night slash, toxic spikes, hone claws, venoshock, poison fang, bug bite, pursuit, pin missle, knock off, poison sting, thunder fang, ice fang, fire fang and more.



  • Legendary pokemon.
  • Dark type of Pokemon.
  • can use dark pulse, dream eater, nasty plot, dark void, haze, double team, night mare, disable, ominous wind, blizzard, ice beam, taunt, calm mind, toxic, charge beam, will-o-wisp, fling, theif, psychic, shadow ball, focus blast and more.
  • Bad dreams ability.
  • Appeared in a Pokemon anime movie.
  • It can become a shadow.
  • Capable of little human language.
  • Causes nightmares and is attracted to them.
  • Only known pokemon that learns dark void.
  • Possibly feeds off dreams.



  • Dark/steel type Pokemon.
  • Can use Guillotine, swords dance, iron head, night slash, iron defense, embargo, metal sound, assurance, slash, metal claw, torment, fury cutter, hone claws, low sweep, thunder wave, sword dance, theif, dig and more.
  • Defiant, inner focus, pressure ability.
  • Weighs 70 kg and is 1.6 metres tall.
  • Physical attacker Pokemon.
  • Resistent to nine different Pokemon types.



  • Dark type Pokemon.
  • Appear in a Pokemon anime movie.
  • Can use night daze, imprison, nasty plot, punishment, embargo, agility, torment, night slash, foul play, taunt, pursuit, u-turn, hone claws, scary face, fury swipes, double team, low sweep, focus blast, shadow claw, payback and more.
  • Illusion ability.
  • Only Pokemon that can learn night daze.
  • Capable of illusion attacks.
  • Appeared in a Pokemon anime movie.
  • Lives in groups with other Zoroark



  • Dark/ice type Pokemon.
  • Weighs 34 kg and 1.1 metres tall.
  • Lives in icy areas in small packs.
  • Communicates by carving symbols into trees with its claws.
  • Fast Pokemon.
  • Can use dark pulse, punishment, snatch, night slash, screech, fling, hone claws, metal claw, nasty plot, fury swipes, ice wind, feint attack, quick attack, leer, revenge, scratch, double team, brick break, ice beam, blizard, dig, return, hyper beam and more.



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