10 Best Water Type Pokemon

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

Water type Pokemon are found in water and the land. Water has good coverage coverage with dragon and flying type movies.  This element is one of the most favourite type Pokemon in the games.


  • Can mega evolve with a iten caled Gyaradosnite.
  • Water/flying in normal form, but mega evolution and water/dark type Pokemon.
  • Evolve from a magikarp to be much stronger.
  • Can use, thrash, bite, twister, ice fang, aqua tail, rain dance, crunch, hydro pump, dragon dance, hyper beam, roar, toxic, return, double team, fire blast, thinder wave, stone edge, scald, rest, attract, earthquake and more.



  • Can use surf, water pulse, wish, hydor pump, last resort, muddy water, haze, acid armour, aqua ring, aurora beam, water gun, helping hand, shadow ball, rain dance, scald, dig, return, hyper beam, ice beam, blizzard and more.
  • Water type Pokemon.
  • Water absorb, hydration ability.
  • Evolution from a Eevee with a item called a water stone.
  • Has cell composition similar to water molecules.



  • Can use aqua jet, aqua ring, rain dance, play rough, bubblebeam, double edge, superpower, hydro pump, toxic, hidden power, aqua tail, waterfall, dive, fling, scald, attract, rest, facade, double team, dig, return, double team and more.
  • Thick fat, huge power, sap sipper abilitys.
  • Water/fairy type Pokemon.
  • Hear from great distences and underwater.
  • Resistent to six different pokemon types.



  • Legendary pokemon.
  • Water type Pokemon.
  • Can use waterfall, surf, dive, aqua tail, rain dance, blizzard, calm mind, extrasensory, tailwind, ice fang, mirror coat, mist, hail, bulldoze, scald, snarl, confide, cut, shadow ball, quash, dig, protect, hyper beam, psych up and more.
  • Pressure, water absorb ability.
  • Purifies water wherever it goes.



  • Water/ground Pokemon.
  • Can mega evolve with a Swampertite.
  • Can use muddy water, hammer arm, endevor, earthquake, protect, rock slide, mud bomb, bide, mud shot, toxic, roar, waterfall, surf, dive, rock smash, rain dance and more.
  • Carry stones over one ton.
  • Can swim while carrying a large ship.



  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Water type Pokemon.
  • Better then Phione.
  • Can use heart swap, rain dance, dive, aqua ring, water pulse, whirlpool, acid armour, bubblebeam, supersonic, charm, tail glow, calm mind, surf, waterfall, blizzard, hyper beam, ice beam, hidden power, hail, toxic and more.
  • Hydration ability.
  • A power that lets it bond with any Pokemon.



  • Water/dark type Pokemon
  • Torrent, Protean ability
  • Can use mat block, water shuriken, night slash, hydro pump, haze, double team, extrasensory, substitute, spikes, feint attack, water pulse, shadow sneak, role play, lick, quick attack, scald, rock slide, u-turn, grass knot and more.
  • Only know pokemon capable of learning mat block
  • Can compress water into sharp-edged throwing stars.
  • Has swift movement.
  • Resistent to six different Pokemon types.



  • Can use hydro pump, rain dance, iron defense, skull bash, aqua tail, water pulse, rapid spin, protect, flash cannon, earthquake, double team, brick break, earthquake, blizzard, ice beam, hidden power, rock slide, dragon tail, scald, fling, gyro ball, facade and more.
  • Torrent, Rain dish, mega launcher ability.
  • Can mega evolve with the item Blastoisinite.
  • The cannons on its back is capable of piercing steel and concrete.
  • Blast range of its cannons is over 6 miles.
  • Gary’s from the Pokemon anieme strongest Pokemon.
  • 170 stats in HP. (That is one of the biggest)



  • Water type Pokemon.
  • Water veil, oblivious, pressure ability.
  • Can deep dive at 10,000 feet in one breath.
  • Can create giant pillars of water.
  • Largest Pokemon ever.
  • Can use heavy slam, hydro pump, bounce, dive, amnesia, water spout, brine, rest, mist, water pulse, whirlpool, rollout, water gun, splash, roar, toxic, hail, hidden power, ice beam, blizzard, hyper beam, protect and more.



  • Water/ground type Pokemon.
  • Swift swim, poison touch, water absorb ability.
  • Cyan adornments on its legs, and long tongue.
  • The various lumps its body can be used to shoot a paralyzing liquid or to vibrate, that will increase its punching power.
  • Can use hyper voice, hydro pump, enchoed voice, drain punch, glail, acid, rain dance, muddly water, uproar, aqua ring, mud shot, bubble beam, round, supersonice, toxic, hail, venoshock and more.
  • 1.5 metres tall and 62 kg big.
  • A physical attacking Pokemon.


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