10 Best Grass Type Pokemon

Grass type Pokemon has the most weaknesses. But make up for that with its many status and powerful moves.



  • Grass/psychic Pokemon.
  • Nattural cure abilitie
  • Legendary pokemon
  • The time travelling pokemon
  • Makes trees and grass flourish, whe it appears
  • Appear in Pokemon anieme movies
  • All its stats are equal at 100
  • Is resistent to six different pokemon types
  • Can use leech seed, recover, heal bell, safeguard, magicial leaf, ancient power, baton pass, natural gift, heal block, future sight, healing wish, leaf storm, perish song, stealth rock, reflect, light screen, toxic, calm mind, charge beam, double team, psychic, return, flash, protect and more.



  • Grass Grass/dragon type Pokemon.
  • Can mega evolve sceptilelite.
  • Can use leaf blade, leaf storm, quick guard, dual chop, screech, fury cutter, detect, x-scossor, night slash, hone claws, dragon claw, roar, toxic, hidden power, sunny day, solarbeam, earthquake, focus blast, energy ball, low sweep and more.
  • Overgrow, unburden and lighting rod ability.
  • The leveases on its arms can slice down thick trees.
  • Speed Pokemon.



  • Grass/fight type Pokemon.
  • Can use leech seed, sky uppercut, dynamic punch, seed bomb, mind reader, force palm, counter, mach punch, mega drain, headbutt and more.
  • Effect spore, poison heal, technician ability.
  • It has technique as good as a pro boxer.
  • Its tail is made of hardened toxic spores.



  • Grass/ground type Pokemon.
  • Can use leaf storm, giga drain, crunch, synthesis, leech seed, earthquake, mega drain, curse, wood hammer, roar, toxic, sunny day, reflect, protect, swagger, grass knot, energy ball, sword dance, substitute, and more.
  • Overgrow, shell armour ability.
  • Pokemon live on its back and even build nests on it..



  • Legendary pokemon.
  • Grass and grass/flying type.
  • Can use seed flare, leaf storm, sweet kiss, energy ball, air slash, worry seed, natural gif, growth, hidden power, safeguard, dazzling geam, confide, psych up. Sword dance, flash, round, rest, return, psychic and more.
  • Only known Pokemon to use Seed flare.



  • Grass/ice type Pokemon.
  • Can mega evolve.
  • Can use, Blizzard, ice punch, sheer cold, wood hammer, ingrain, ice shard, mist, swagger, grass whistle, hail, toxic, energy ball, sword dance, billdoze, rest, facade, safeguard, ice beam, grass knot, frost breath, round and more.
  • Snow warning, soundproof, snow warning ability.
  • Create snow storms to hide themselves.
  • Known as “The ice monster”.



  • Grass/poison type.
  • Can mega evolve with a item called Venusaurnite.
  • The flower’s aroma soothes the emotions of people.
  • With its broad petals it absorbs sunlight and nutrients, filling its body with power
  • Can use Solar beam, petal blizzard, synthesis, worry seed, petal dance, double-edge, razor leaf, growth,roar, toxic, protect and more.



  • Grass/steel type Pokemon.
  • Iron barbs, Anticipation ability.
  • Uses its appendages to either cling to celings of its cave or walk around.
  • Can use explosion, flash cannons, payback, iron head, power whip, self-destruct, ingrain, mirror shot, gyro ball, iron defense, pin missile, metal claw, curse, rollout, double team, thunder, solar beam and more.
  • Resistent to nine different Pokemon types.



  • Legendary pokemon.
  • Its head horns are as sharp as blades.
  • Has swift and whirlwind like movements.
  • Can use close combat, leaf blade work up, quick guard, sword dance, sacred sword, giga drain, sword dance, stone edge, rest, facade, helping hand, double kick, calm mind, taunt, aerial ace, nature power, cut, x-scissor and more.
  • Justified ability.
  • Grass/fight type Pokemon.



  • Grass/dark type Pokemon
  • Can use destiny bond, revenge, payback, sandstorm, cotton spore, pin missle, sucker puch, spiky sheild, spikes, needle arm, leech seed, round, focus blas, return, hyper beam, venoshock, dark pulse, grass knot, swagger, flash, giga impact and more.
  • Sand veil, waterter absorb ability.
  • A nocturnal Pokemon.
  • Signature move, needle arm.
  • Resistent to six different Pokemon types.
  • Above is a image, created to look like a mega evolution of Cacturne, when Cacturne does not mega evolve.

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