DayZ, a video game review

A video game review: By Lee Sonogan

(2013) adventure,horror/video game


The mass multilayer zombie open-world survival game is a very hard realistic video game. Currently, in early alpha testing, explore the post apoplectic Russia with a landscape that is as big as 125 km squared. Spawn in along the coast or inland and loot all you can before you meet a zombie or person. Because they will most likely try to kill you. But sometimes you may have a conversation with a freshly spawned Bambi. The game had decent gameplay, considering the game is not complete yet. Since the alpha release, this game has sold over three million copies worldwide.

Originally released on Steam in early access on December 16, 2013, it has won many awards such as Best indie game and original game award. IGN’s people’s choice award of Gamescom 2013 and many more. It is currently in development by Bohemia interactive and they have said it is going to be released on the Ps4 and Xbox one consoles.

DayZ was originally a mod for a game called Arma 2. But it was so successful that the creator Dean Hall was paid to make the new game, Day Z. It was sold to Bohemia interactive. Since then, it has been very popular on steam. With many you-tubers such as Mrmoon and others creating videos with tens of thousands of views. Constantly changing and evolving, it has added many different items and features.

Gameplay includes many types of firearms and melee weapons such as Glocks, AK47’s., magnums, Mosins, MP5’s, electric cattle prods, fire-fighter axes, maces, swords and so much more. Where you need to find ammo for each individual firearm. First and third perspectives. Sickness, heat and coldness metres that pop up. Your character has a hunger and thirst metre, so you need to drink and eat various types of food and drink you can find and create. Vehicles are now in the game, where you need to constantly maintain the condition of it with certain items usually in sheds. But it’s so much faster than running everywhere in the landscape. Plus many different types of storage mechanics in drums, tents, wardrobes and more.

The game is still not complete, so it is glitchy sometimes. I have died many times in dumb ways. Enter a room and the game drags me out of it and drops me to the ground out of the building. At least one time in the glitchy ship. Plus similar types of things such as zombies glitching through doors and buildings. There are still plenty of bugs in this game that need to be fixed before the final release.


In November 2014, it was announced that the final version of the game would be released in 2016. But it does not look like it will. I give it that score below because it has the potential of being better when the game is finished. I have learned some Russian playing this game. Come join the games many servers now and handcuff and humiliate each other for the lols.



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