10 Best Fire Type Pokemon

Fire types are super effective against grass,ice, steel,bug Pokemon types. Here are the best 10 fire type Pokemon.



  • Can use firy dance, rage powder, heat wave, silver wind, bug buzz, whirlwinf, fire spin, hurricane, calm mind, toxic, solar beam, flame thrower, fire blast, facade, protect, return, roost, fly, swagger, poison jab, overheat, round, u-turn and more.
  • Fire/bug type Pokemon.
  • Flame body, Swarm ability.
  • Special attacker Pokemon.



  • Can mega evolved into to two different forms.
  • First generation, last evolution.
  • Finds powerful opponents to battle.
  • When competing in intense battles, charizards flame becomes more intense as well.
  • Can melt glaciers weighting up to 10,000 tons.
  • Reach 4,600 feet in the altitude.
  • Special attacker Pokemon.
  • Resistent to six different pokemon types.
  • Can use: Flare blitz, heat wave, dragon claw, air slash, flamethrower, inferno, fire spin, flame burst, hone claws, fire blast, attract, rest, double team, roost, overheat, swagger, fly, sky drop, steel wing, round, fling, aerial ace, rock tomb, rock smash. Secret power and more



  • Blaze, Flash fire abilitys.
  • When its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anthing it touches will instantly go up in flames.
  • It can rub its blazing fur together to cause a huge explosion.
  • A special attacker that is a fast Pokemon.
  • Resistent to six different Pokemon types.
  • Can use Eruption, double-edge, gyro ball, flame wheel, flame charge, lava plume, rollout, swift, flamethrower, roar, toxic, protect, power-up punch, wild charge, giga impact, attract, rest, rock slide, strength, swagger, rock slide, focus blast and more.



  • Can mega evolve with the item Blazinkenite.
  • Blaze and speed boosr abilities.
  • Its powerful legs let it leap over buildings.
  • Physical attacker pokemon.
  • Resisten to five different pokemon types.
  • Can use: Flare Blitz, fire punch, high jump kick, bulk up, brave bird, sky uppercut, flamethrower, fire blast, earthquake, solar beam, toxic, roar, facade, round, bulldoze, rock smash, strenghtj, power up punch, sword dance, overheat, low sweep and more.



  • Can use crunch, bite, nasty plot, flamethrower, fire fang, thunder fang, roar, toxic, double team, attract, rest, flame charge, payback, protect, solar beam, dark pulse, rock smash, will-o-wisp, torment, confide, shadow ball, sluddge bomb, giga impact and more.
  • Fire/dark type Pokemon.
  • Early bird, flash fire, unnerve, solar power ability.
  • Lives in packs with other Houndoom.
  • Its fire gives off a foul odor and the wounds it inflicts will never heal.
  • Has a eriee howl.
  • Special attacker Pokemon.



  • legendary pokemon.
  • Can use magma storm, heat wave, earth power, iron head, fire spin, ancient power, lave pulme, stone edge, flash cannon, dark pulse, rock slide, bulldoze, explosion, overheat, attract, rest, facade, rock smash, flash cannon, torment, rock tomb, dig, earthquake, hyper beam, solar beam, frustration and more.
  • Fire/steel type Pokemon.
  • Flash fire, flame body ability.
  • Only known Pokemon that learns magma storm.
  • Dwells in volcanic caves.
  • It digs with its crossed shape feet to crawl on the walls and the ceiling.
  • Its body is made of rugged steel. However, it is partially melted in spots because of its own heat.
  • Special attacker Pokemon.
  • Resistent to nine different Pokemon types.



  • Magna armour, solid rock, anger point, sheer force ability.
  • Fire/ground type Pokemon.
  • Can use fissure, eruption, flame burst, rock slide, earthquake, yawn, take down, double team, dig, toxic, roar, sunny day, hyper bean, protect, overheat, flash cannon, explion, giga impact, sandstorm, round, confide, nature power and more.
  • Can mega evolve with the item Cameruptite.
  • Its body contains amounts of molten lava of 18,000F which erupts from its back, when angry.



  • Legendary pokemon.
  • Can use whirlind, weather ball, brave bird, sunny day, fire blast, sacred fire, punishment, anientpower, safeguard, recover, future sight, natural gif, calm mind, sky attack, roar, toxic, roost, hidden power, earthquake, thunder, reflect, facade and more.
  • Fire/flying type Pokemon.
  • Appeared in the first episode of the Pokemon anime series.
  • Pressure, regenerator ability.
  • Bear witness a Ho-oh and you are promised eternal happiness.
  • Possesses seven-coloured wings and is said to create rainbows.
  • Highest stat is its special defence.



  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Pressure,flash fire ability.
  • can use sacred fire, eruption, lave plume, bite, roar, fire spin, flamethrower, fire fang, calm mind, toxic, roar, hyper beam, sunny day, overheat, stone edge, giga impact, round, double team, return, dig, rock smash, cut, confide, bulldoze and more.
  • Fire type Pokemon.
  • When Entei is born when a new volcano appears, also when it roars, a volcano somewhere around the world erupts.
  • Can race along grasslands at high speeds.
  • Appeared in the third Pokemon anime.
  • Its stats has equal HP and physical attack.



  • Fire type Pokemon.
  • Intimidate, flash fire, justified ability.
  • Can use extreme speed, thunder fang, roar, attract, rest, dig, double team, solar beam, protect, toxic, will-o-wisp, wild charge, rock smash, body slam, snarl, incinerate, round, thief, flare blitz, heat wave, iron tail, thrash, double edge, dragon pulse, outrage, iron head, covet, snore, crunch, flamethower and more.
  • Capable of running 6,200 miles in 24 hours with a grace reminiscent of flight.

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