Zootopia, a movie review

Zootopia (2016) /PG/1h48min/ animation,action, adventure

A movie review: By Lee Sonogan


This is a clever Disney movie. Different with a compelling storyline. Animals that are predators and prey have had evolved into intelligent beings. No humans live in this world. They live in harmony but not everyone gets along. There are many racial undertones in the dialogue between prey and predator. The main character is a bunny rabbit called Judy Hopps becomes the first-ever bunny cop at the Zootopia police department. She is eventually put on the missing mammal cases with the help of a fox called Nick Wildye. Who is a con man distributing small icy-pops from jumbo icy-poles. The original idea from the movie came from how different kinds of animals share water at a river. Hence the city of Zootopia was made next to a river.

The story progresses as the predator animals seem to go savage because it’s in their DNA. The bunny and the fox explore all districts for different clues in the environments for multiple animals. The near the end has a satisfying plot twist during the last 20 minutes. The team before writing the movie spent 15 months researching animal movement, behaviour and more. By the end of creating the movie, they had over 197,136 individual storyboards by creating the animation.

The classic Disney style movie has many awesome scenes in it. There is a chase scene where they end up in a rodent city. The two nearly killed a lot of rodents during the miniature parkour chase. When they were kidnapped by polar bear gangsters, they were just the guards and the rodents were in charge. And finally the scene at the DMV with the sloths. They are super slow and show a lot of facial expressions. Their slow dialogue and actions make it a very funny scene.


I liked this movie, even tho the movie is nothing like the original draft. The little things like the size differences are shown depending on where they are and the animals they interact with. To the giant amount of detail in the background of all scenes. If you like Disney movies, then this is a movie you should see.



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