10 Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Next Pokemon list is ghost types. There immune to ghost and normal types. Mostly the color purple and some of the strongest Pokemon in the game. More and more new ghost type Pokemon were made with every new handheld Pokemon video game. Giving the ghost type new combitnations with other types.



  • Can mege evolve.
  • Very mishievous, loyal to trainer if given respect.
  • happy when it scares people.
  • Ghost/poison type.
  • If a Gengea is nearby, it is said to feel ten degrees colder then normal.
  • can use, nightmare, destiny bond, shadow ball, dream eater. Shadow punch, hex, dark pulse, explosion, will-o-wisp, sludge bomb, poison jab, thief, attract, dazzling gleam, psychic, thunderbolt, protect, taunt, toxic, payback, curse, hypnosis and more.



  • Can mega evolve if holding Sablenite.
  • Key,stall, prankster magic bounce abilites.
  • Ghost/dark type.
  • Digs gems up with its sharp claws and then devours them.
  • Its diet of gem stones has turned its eyes into gem stones.
  • Can use: Mean look, zen headbutt, shawdow claw, power gem, foul play, fake out, night shade, shawdow ball, confuse ray, detect, taunt, torment, payback, fling, double team, dig, psychic, dark pulse, poison jab, flash, low sweep, and more.



  • Can mega evolve. Above is a picture of its mege evolution.
  • Strong physical attacker.
  • its body is a voodoo doll and it sticks pins in itself.
  • Strong feelings of hatred tuned a puppet into a pokemon, it seeks the child that disowned it.
  • Ghost type,
  • If it opens its mouth, its cursed energy escapes.
  • phantom force, trick, grudge, snatch, sucker punch, shadow ball, curse, HEX, will-o-wisp, spite, thunder, attract, charge beam, giga impact, swagger, psychic, calm mind, dazzling gleam, dark pulse, and more.



  • Can live up to 500 years.
  • Ghost/dark type.
  • spitittomb is formed from 108 spirits traped in a odd keystone.
  • Immune to normal, fighting and psychic types.
  • Dark pulse, memento, nasty plot, sucker punch, ominous wind, dream eater, spite, curse, calm mind, protect, psychic, hypnosis, shadow ball, attract, quash, double team, toxic, snarl, theif, return and more.



  • Has the ability wonder guard.
  • A discarded bug shell that came to life.
  • It dosent even breath.
  • Physical attacker.
  • Ghost/bug type.
  • Immune to 12 different pokemon types.
  • Weak to super effective attack from five different pokemon types.
  • Can use: Phantom force, heal block, grudge, shadow ball, confuse ray, mind reader, shadow sneak, spite, protect, toxic, double team, x-scissor, theif, swagger, aerial ace, cut, confide, dream eater, flash, dig, flase swipe and more.



  • Can use horn leech, confuse ray, ingrain, feint attack, leech seed, curse, will-o-wisk, forest’s curse, destiny bond, pahntom force, wood hammer, shadow claw, hone claws, protectm safeguard, attract, rest, dig, return, energry ball, focus blast and more.
  • Has the abilities natutal cure, frisk or harvest.
  • Able to control trees.
  • Ghost/grass type.
  • Traps those who cause harm to the forest and never lets them escape.
  • Its kind to Pokemon that reside in its body.
  • It is a physical attacker Pokemon.



  • Can use sacred sword, king’s sheild, aerial ace, sword dance, head smash, iron head, power trick, night slash, iron defense, slash, pursuit, toxic, hidden power, protect, gyro ball, flash cannon, round, false swipe, reflect, double team, cut, rock smash, confide, substitute, frustration, gia impact and more.
  • Has the ability, stance change.
  • Only known pokemon that can learn king’s sheild.
  • Known to serve generations of kings.
  • Ghost/steel type.
  • Spectrap power to manipulate people and Pokemon alike.
  • Can detect the innate qualities of leadership.
  • A bulky defense Pokemon.
  • It is resistent to nine different Pokemon types.



  • Evolve a litwick with a dusk stone to get a chandelure.
  • Flash fire, flame body or infiltrator abilities.
  • Its flames does not harm you physicially, but burns your soul.
  • After hypnotizing its oppent by waving flames, it absorbs the victims spirit.
  • Resistent to seven different pokemon types.
  • Ghost/fire type.
  • Can use: Pain split, hex, flame burst, confuse ray, calm mind, toxic, attract, shawdow ball, will-o-wisp, safe guard, protect, dark pulse, payback, energy ball, trick room, swagger, substitute, psych up, giga impact and more.



  • Reacives transmissions from the spirit world.
  • Abilities pressure, Frisk.
  • Ghost type.
  • Guides spirits home that are lost.
  • A defense Pokemon in the stats that is bulky.
  • Can use, future sight, payback, mean look, shadow ball, hex, shadow punch, curse, calm mind, toxic, hidden power, taunt, payback, bulldoze, rock slide, theif, rest, facade, earthquake and more.



  • Representing antimatter.
  • Abilities pressure and levitate.
  • Banished for its violence.
  • Ghost/dragon type.
  • A legendary Pokemon.
  • Lives in a reverse world call the distortion world.
  • Has a item called the griseous orb that powers it up.
  • Can use, shadow force, shawdow claw, hex, aura sphere, earth power, dragon claw, dragon claw, protect, hone claws, destiny bond, ominous wind, ancient power, stone edge, dragon tail, double team, fly, swagger, dream eater, thunder wave, psyback, substitute, bulldoze, facade and more.



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