Absolutely Anything, a movie review

A movie review: by Lee Sonogan

Absolutely Anything (2015) M/1h25min/Comedy, Sci-fi


The idea of this story is something many people including me daydream about. The power to do absolutely anything makes this movie somewhat interesting. Simon peg, from movies such as Paul and Shawn of the dead, plays a character who gains the power to do anything from the league of superior intelligent beings. The animated aliens, voice acted by the original Monty python actors, test Simon peg to do something good with his powers, or they will destroy the planet.

Some things were really stupid. But a lot were good like how he made his dog talk and be a rational thinking being. The dog is voiced by Robbie Williams and he still has dog desires. All scenes with the dog were awesome.


In the end, the movie was average at best. You will laugh out loud, and be briefly be entertained by the story and humour.

Something is just missing to make this movie recommendable. 1 1/2 out of 5 it’s still worth it for the four actual jokes. Ya get a few laughs but too few in between. The typical stereotype’s such as arrogant Americans and Gay Britt jokes really bomb and are not funny. It’s like a remake of Bruce Almighty movie but from a sci-fi Atheists point of view. The special effects were cool at the beginning and then went really cheap and down hill later into the film. Dang! What’s missing? Oh, I know! A person of faith, a man of God, a woman of character, a good editor, and Aliens who are dumber than a dog, dog spelled backwards is God. Wait! That part was the end of the movie. – John Wirchnianski (Google Review)



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