Preacher, an episode review (Pilot)

A episode review written by: Lee Sonogan

Preacher (2016) 1Hr – Adventure, drama, fantasy/ Ep – Pilot


This show has been passed around to producer to producer, but finally it has been released. This one houred show is about a preacher, a women and a vampire trying to find god. Each scene is intense, brutal and has dark humour in it. Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg produce this show based off the graphic novel ‘Preacher’, which was originally created by Garth Ennis. Each character in the show is original and makes a gory or intense impact in the first episode.

The three main characters of the show are called Jesse Custer, Cassidy and Tulip O’hare. Jesse Custer is a preacher, but describes himself as a lousy one. In the pilot he gets a power called the ‘word of god’. But in the episode, he still does not know that he has the power by the end of the episode. Cassidy and Tulip have amazing introduction scenes in the show. Where Cassidy is revealed to be a vampire on a plane and Tulip starts with a fight scene, driving through a farm, then meets some kids. Showing them how to make a bazooka. Then killing some more people.


Arseface makes his on screen debut. Eugene, the son of the sheriff is a man that has a face that looks like an arse. The special effects on his face looks very graphic. As arseface asks Jesse about god and his forgiveness, he voice sounds so bad, that he has to have subtitles. He does a lot of facial expressions and shows emotion, through the make up, which made a funny and graphic scene.

I am recently reading the Preacher comics and loving them. So I had to check the tv show out. Its different to the first Preacher comic, but as good as it and more. It had a constant flow of good story telling and scenes. Music to match the story perfectively. Good acting and writing. And so much more random good stuff. You need to watch this show right now.


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