Pokemon coming to a town near you, via your mobile device


Pokemon Go is getting people hyped and excited to be real life Pokemon trainer’s. This augmented reality game for mobile devices will allow people to use google maps to find Pokemon within the world. Then to use these pokemon to battle and trade each other. The publisher of this game ‘ The Pokemon company’ has been unclear about how it is similar to the other pokemon games. But what it has revealed has people losing there mind in what it could be.

This game intends to encourage communities by holding events where you can trade and battle your creatures. Niatic’s other augmented reality mobile game ‘Ingress’ will have similar features within the game. Certain pokemon will only be available in some parts of the world. Legendary Pokemon will be available for a limited period, in enormous cities around the world. Also gyms will be implemented in the game in some manner.

This game is been developed by Niatic, Inc and will be available for Android and IOS. It is going to be a free game with in game purchases. Nintendo and Google are among the companies investing in the game, up to $30 million. Google’s VP of corporate development Don Harrison said. “ We’re excited to continue supporting the team on there journey”. Junichi from Game Freak, a director in the Pokemon video game series, is working on the game.

This game has a companion device called a Pokemon Go Plus. Pokemon Go Plus is small wearable device that looks like a pokeball. It connects with your phone via bluetooth and lets you capture pokemon, without getting your phone out. Flashes and vibrations will indicate that there is a nearby by event, such as a Pokemon you can capture with a click of a button.

I can not wait to go exploring and battling random strangers. I hope they regularly update the game to fix issues and more importantly add new features to the game. The game is available in Japan, released as a beta, at the start of 2016. It is unknown about when it is going to be available to the rest of the world on Google Play and App Store.



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