Mortdecai, a movie review

Mortdecai (2015) R/1h47min/Action,Comedy,Mystery

A movie review: by Lee Sonogan


The worst Johnny Depp movie so far. The bad English accent. The horrible jokes and that moustache. Even the talented Gwyneth Paltrow could not make this movie any good. UN-original music, weak acting, No memorable scenes and has made this movie one of the worst made in 2015.

This story consists for a search for a rare stolen painting around the world. Mortdecai and his man servant Jock go on a wilfully unfunny and aggressively odd mission to solve the mystery of who stole the rare painting, connected to Nazi’s in the story. Pure idiocy constantly consumes the movie. Its a hard movie to watch for one hour and forty seven minutes.

This is a comedy movie and have not made me laugh once. I smiled when they were watching WWE for the split second, but that’s it. Is this British humour?, too many English stereotype sayings to count. Terrible moustache and sex jokes through out the movie. This movie even goes so low for fart jokes. And the constant Gag reflex jokes made me feel physical ill.

Overall this movie is absolutely pooness. Paul Bettany’s repetition is destroyed by playing Mortdecai’s man servant Jock. I do not recommend anyone to watch this movie. You can not get the time back.



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