Minecraft, A video game review

Minecraft (2009) Animation, Adventure, Fantasy

A video game review: By Lee Sonogan

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This game is so more than a kids game. The endless world and all the things you can do in it, makes it an underrated original game. With your blocks and items in your inventory, you can create any type of world you desire. The music and gameplay will make you obsessed and play for hours. Even tho the game is mostly doing what you want and creating, the game does end if you find a Ender portal, to fight the ender dragon.

The open, world sandbox game has two main modes. Survival and Creative. Both modes are good depending in what you want to do in the game. The games mechanics allow you to farm, brew potions, enchant items, craft and so much more. Search for rare items in this randomly generated world and your adventure will always be different. On the pc you can add mods to your experience, such as the Pokemon mod, ‘Lotsofmobs’, ‘Tinkers Construct’, ‘Biomes O’ Plenty’, and so much more of them.

Microsoft bought Minecraft for two point five billion dollars. Putting Minecraft on the map in 2014 in most video game systems. The four player split screen allows you to play with your mates and family. Take on the boss mobs, the wither and the Ender dragon, with friends or solo.


Minecraft Middle-earth

Prepare for a few deaths by exploding creepers. Create a epic hideout to store your stuff. And explore all the underground tunnels. This game is massive, and I highly recommend playing it with a few friends.


Be the king!!!


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