The Lobster, a Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

THE LOBSTER (2015) MA15+/1h58min/Drama, Romance, Sci-fi


This movie has an intense plot. Imagine in the future, you have to find a partner. If you remain a loner, you have to go to his hotel for 45 days.Where you are forced to hunt the loners and if you can not find a partner in that time, you are changed into a animal of your choice. The movie is named after the main characters choice of what he would want to be turned into. This movie has many dark themes relating to relationships and people. The narrator to the film details all the scenes in a grim and brutal voice. This movie is done well in directing,writing and individual scenes. This movie is so weird, that it is all most funny. Its unpredictable and most dialog from characters seem awkward in a way, but most of it is still very entertaining. It is certainly a movie worth remembering.

The movie has perfect music to set the theme of every scene. The people in the hotel seem creepy with the music. The dystopia world has amazing imagery, that works well with the music and everything else. Random animals that were apparently former people, walk around in the background. Making any scene with the animals epic. The ending forces the main character to do something permanent to himself. So he could live a normal live.


This movie has become my favourite Colin Farrel movie. His portrayal of this loner in this odd world is amazing. John C Reily as a supporting character in the movie has an impressive performance too. Overall this two houred movies surprised me and definitely one of my favourite movies of 2015. A cult movie for the ages. This original movie is a must watch and will blow you mind to a degree.

What animal would you choose to be?


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