First blog post

Hello, my name is Lee Sonogan. I have only been writing for a year. I recently just finshed a course and got a Certificate in Freelance Journalism. From a online course with opencolledge. From there i have written much more then journalism. Various articles, lists and even some fiction. I have written a science fiction novella, and i intend to sell it soon to a publisher. My back up plan is to make it available on amazon, if everything else fails. Then i could put links to it on my blog.

This blog will be a series of lists, reviews, current news, articles and anything else that i decide to put on the blog. Here is a list of topics and personal interests that i wish to write about now and in the future:

  • Entertainment
  • History
  • Movies, tv shows, video games and ect
  • Social and enviromental issues
  • Profesional wrestling
  • Biograhy articles on people
  • Upcoming events and releases
  • Current news and issues
  • Lifestyle
  • Space and technology
  • Facts, Lifehacks, tips

I hope you guys find my blog posts entertaining and informative. I am going to commit to three a week. But maybe more if i am willing and able. So prepare thy self for alot of different interesting blog posts on your feed. Taste my samples of writing and read my interesting stuff.

It’s the beginning of the storm!!!



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